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BIMS Membership

Option A: Membership by Mail, Payment by Check

Use this link for a version of the BIMS membership form that you may print and mail with a check for your pledge.

For online membership registration and pledge payment with PayPal use Option B below.

- OR -
Option B: Online Bellingham Insight Meditation Society (BIMS)
Membership and Pledge Form
Mailing Address Address Change?
City State Zip
Phone Email
May we use your email address to contact you? Yes No
PLEDGE MEMBER INFORMATION To allow pledge members to be in touch, we make a list of members' phone numbers, addresses and emails available to other members. May we include you in this pledge member's directory? Yes No
Membership Pledges
Bellingham Insight Meditation Society (BIMS) is supported by annual pledges. Your pledge to BIMS will help pay for our share of the Dharma Hall space as well as support our programs and activities.
1. Decide on the amount you wish to pledge.
Pledge amount per year $.
2. Decide on the frequency of your payments.
Annually Quarterly Monthly

Using PayPal allows you to pay securely by credit card or directly from your checking account. Your membership will be completed as soon as payment has been received from PayPal. For most transactions this occurs immediately after you have submitted your online payment.
Thank you for supporting Buddhist practice in Bellingham!
Incorporated in June 2007, Bellingham Insight Meditation Society is an all volunteer organization. We are tax-exempt under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Financial contributions to Bellingham Insight Meditation Society are tax-deductible.