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About Bellingham Insight Meditation Society

Bellingham Insight Meditation Society (BIMS) supports meditation and practice in the Buddhist Theravada tradition. Our activities include but are not limited to

  • Morning Meditation
  • There is a silent morning meditation period Monday –Friday from 6:30 – 7:15 AM at the Red Cedar Dharma Hall. Meditators from all traditions are welcome. The meditation period ends with 2 short chants in English; chant cards are provided.

  • Tuesday Night Group Meditation
  • Each Tuesday evening, we meditate silently together from 7-7:45 PM. After that there is a short reading, then introductions and announcements, followed by a short break until 8 p.m. when our program begins. Everyone is welcome to stay for the program, but the short break allows anyone who needs to leave after the meditation period time to do so.

  • Tuesday Night Programs
  • There is usually a program following the Tuesday group meditation. The programs run from 8 – 9 PM and explore various aspects of Insight practice. The kinds of programs we sponsor are seen below; details about specific programs and when they are happening can be found on the BIMS website calendar.

    • Book Club
    • Each year we choose a dharma book to read and discuss, chapter by chapter. Details about when we are meeting, what book we are reading and the next chapter(s) we are discussing are found on the calendar.

    • Dharma Talk
    • We listen to 20-30 minutes of a dharma talk by a variety of teachers in the Insight tradition. We then discuss the talk, with an emphasis on applying what we’ve heard to our own practice. The discussion is facilitated by Insight sangha members. We also host dharma talks by local sangha leaders and visiting teachers.

  • Thursday Evening Programs
  • We offer a variety of programs and meditation periods on Thursday evenings. Check the BIMS Calendar for specifics.

  • Friday Evening Fifth Precept, Mindful Recovery Group
  • This group shares meditation, the study of Buddhism and the 12 steps to enrich, broaden and deepen the recovery experience for all who attend. This is not a meeting to replace a regular 12 step meeting, but to enrich and enhance one's own program of recovery. The only requirement for attendance is the desire for freedom from intoxicants of any kind and more mindful living. The group begins and ends each meeting with 15 minutes of meditation.

  • Weekend Meditation
  • BIMS sponsors various programs and retreats on 1 or 2 weekends a month. These programs may include

    • The Saturday Sit-In
    • A full morning of meditation held at the Red Cedar Dharma Hall two Saturdays a month. The day includes alternating sitting meditation (45 minutes) and walking meditation (15 minutes), as well as Dharma readings. Details & dates can be found on the BIMS website calendar.

    • Sangha Mamas
    • Sangha Mamas is a meditation and book club for mothers interested in learning more about parenting mindfully and how this can lead to a greater sense of peace for oneself and for the whole family. Check the calendar for the focus of each meeting.

  • Orientation to Meditation
  • We offer several ways to learn about Insight meditation practice and Theravadan (vipassana) Buddhism.

    1. For those with little or no prior meditation experience, we offer instruction at 6 pm on the FIRST Tuesday of the month at the Red Cedar Dharma Hall. Contact Karen Sheldon at karen.sheldon@gmail.com to sign up or if you have any questions.
    2. We offer daylong introductory classes called “Beginning Again: Introduction to Insight Meditation” several times a year. Check under “classes” section of the BIMS website for the next scheduled class.
    3. Please feel free to contact Karen Sheldon at karen.sheldon@gmail.com if you have any questions about meditation or your practice and there is not a class scheduled.

    Bellingham Insight Meditation Society welcomes visitors. You can become a member of the Bellingham Insight Meditation Society by completing the Membership form found on the Supporting BIMS page.

    BIMS maintains a list-serve. You can subscribe by emailing bellinghaminsight@yahoogroups.com or by e-mailing the list-serve moderator Karen Sheldon.

    May all beings be happy

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