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Group Discussion: Aging as a Spiritual Practice

Date:March 20, 2018 8:00 pm to December 18, 9:00 pm
Location:Red Cedar Dharma Hall, 1021 N. Forest Street
Contact:Aurela Sequoia (Facilitator), phone: 360-738-3571

We discuss the application of Buddhist teachings to the experience of aging, illness and death, using topics from Older and Wiser: Classical Buddhist Teachings on Aging, Sickness, and Death by Mu Soeng, Gloria Taraniya Ambrosia and Andrew Olendzki.

On Tuesday we have a very special program! Jill Shepherd, an internationally-respected teacher of Buddhism, will be facilitating our "Aging as a Spiritual Practice" group via teleconference from New Zealand. Everyone is invited to join us whether or not you've previously participated in this particular discussion group.

We'll begin as usual by chanting the "Five Things for Frequent Recollection," then we'll turn the evening over to Jill. She'll talk for thirty minutes followed by a discussion. Here's the title of Jill's talk and some notes she sent. You might want to contemplate how these things have applied to your own life:

"Using the Ten Parami (Perfections) as a Support for Navigating Lifeís Challenges

"The Buddha defined dukkha in part as: having to be with what we donít like, being separated from what we do like, not getting what we want, and experiencing all the ways we cling to experience, identify with it, or resist it. We often experience these aspects of dukkha very strongly as we come face to face with ageing - whether our own, or loved ones.

"In this talk, I'll share a few personal reflections about being with my father towards the end of his life, and how the teachings on the ten parami became a theme that helped me navigate that challenging time. The ten parami are: Generosity, Ethical integrity, Renunciation, Wisdom, Energy, Patience, Truthfulness, Resolve, Kindness, Equanimity."

May we all be grateful to Jill for this extraordinary opportunity.

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